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Shanghai Zhongzhen Industry Limited specializes in R&D, designing, manufacturing, technology service of high pressure pipeline, automation control system, machinery, automatic production line, electric engineering project and chemical industry. International Business Department mainly exports automatic production line, machinery and equipment, pipeline for petroleum and gas, vehicle, prefabricated house, hardware and construction material, electrical cable, medical equipment and material, textile and clothing, consumer goods, etc.

  Domestic Market 2017-06-09
  International Market 2017-08-03

15.18 Rapid Test

15.17 Oxygen Concentrator

15.16 Infrared Thermometer

15.15 Face Shield Full

15.14 Protective Goggles

15.13 Hydroalcoholic sanit

15.12 Vinyl Examination Gl

15.11 Nitrile Examination

15.10 Medical Latex Glove

15.9 Isolation Gown

15.8 PP Protective Coverall

15.7 Medical Protective Co

15.6 Medical Protective Co

15.5 Protective Mask N95

15.4 3 Ply Medical Protect

15.3 Protective Mask (cup)

15.2 Folding Protective Ma

15.1 Protective Mask KN95

11.9 Candle

11.8 Mosquito Repellent In

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